The Administraion Department is responsible for improving the district public sector performance and effective response to citizen needs requires addressing three facets of the public sector: the people (civil servants, their leaders and citizens); the public sector architecture and systems; and resources required. The community in the district should be able to demand and receive accountability for results and value for money from the public servants. To facilitate this, there is need for clear systems to adequately measure performance for results in a transparent manner and access to timely, accurate and comprehensible public information. This promotes active communication between the implementers of programmes and the public and enhances the work ethic and attitudes of public servants as they are incentivised to deliver
In Lamwo district, the Administration Department consists of Chief Administrative Officer - Mr. Bedijo James Okumu as the head and deputized by Deputy Chief Administrative Officer and assisted by the Principal Assistant Secretary - Mr. Opio Samuel Baker. There is also Senior Assistant Secretary in charge of Council Affairs and Land Board - Mr. Bongomin George Kinyera. The Principal Assistant Secretary is responsible for managing Lower Local Governments, functions/celebrations, in charge of training committee among others. Currently, the district operates at about 50.18 of its required man power establishment. The department is also charged with the mandate of coordinating capacity building activities.