Refugees Management (UNHCR Integrated Project)

Lamwo currently hosts about 79,238 refugees at Palabek Refugee Settlement in Palabek Ogili Sub County as of 01 June 2023. The refugees are mainly from the Republic of South Sudan. The Settlement is managed by Office of the Prime Minister represented by a Refugee Desk Officer (RDO), Mr. Kyaligonza John Bosco supported by a Settlement Commandant - Ms Akullu Fivi. The Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Finance Officer are Co-signatories to the operation’s Bank Account. There are many Humanitarian Partners supporting the refugee operation in the District/Settlement headed by UNHCR. The list of active Partners is available in our office (with the PAS/NGO Focal Person).
Due to the presence of the refugees UNHCR has a Partnership Agreement [PA] with the District through which it directly disburses funds for planned activities for implementation by the District, in line with the role of the Local Government. A Land Cruiser - UBM 482L (5 doors) has been donated for this purpose and the District Focal Person is Mr. Ocora Wilfred, Senior Entomology Officer.

The 2022 PPA implementation was focused on; Promotion of peaceful co-existence among the refugees and host communities; Enhancing coordination between UNHCR, OPM and DLG; and Protection of natural resources and shared environment. The total project cost for the 2022 PPA was UGX 234,282,077, and the overall implementation of the project during the year was about 95% of the planned outputs in line with the project objectives.