The goal of the Health Sector Sub programme adapted in the DDP III (2020/12 to 2024/25) is to improve productivity of labour for increased competitiveness and better quality of life for all. There are currently 31 functional health facilities in Lamwo district. Out of the total number of health facilities in the district 2 are HCIV, 9 are HCIII and 20 are HCII. Out of the 31 health facilities, 3 are operated by OPM/UNHCR in Palabek settlement (Paluda HCIII, Akworo HCII and Awich HCII), 2 are under Uganda Prison Services, 1 Community health center, 1 PFP, 1 Military health facility, 22 government health facilities and 1 PNFP. The department is headed by the Ag. District Health officer - Dr. Omoya Denish Ochula.