Development Initiative for Northern Uganda (DINU)

DINU is defined as Development Initiative for Northern Uganda, which is a government of Uganda program supported by European union and supervised by Office of the Prime Minister. The overall objective is to consolidate stability in Northern Uganda, eradicate poverty and under- nutrition and strengthen the foundation for sustainable and inclusive socio-economic development with specific objectives of: to increase food security, nutrition and household incomes; increase trade of commodities; and Strengthen capacity and gender responsive governance. The DINU Focal Person is Mr. Ocora Wilfred, Senior Entomology Officer. The DINU Components include: Food Security, Nutrition and Livelihoods; Energy Infrastructure Development; and Good Governance; The key achievements under DINU Project in the district include:
Achievement under Food Security, Nutrition and Livelihoods
1. Completing the renovation of community produce stores by LWF in Katum Sub County and Palabek Kal sub counties.
2. Completing the construction of Latida market stalls in Lokung Sub County and Jamula market stalls in Paloga Sub County by LWF. Status; all completed
3. Establishment of water dam for off season vegetable production in Lokung sub county, Okora north village.
4. Building the capacity of Ribe ber farmers group in Local seeds business and community seeds bank establishment
5. Training Ape-kikero farmers group in back yard garden establishment in Paloga health center III
6. Building the capacity of 14 production and community services staffs under OPM-DINU in areas of Animal Feeds Formulation, Integrated Pest and Disease Management, Climate Smart Agriculture, Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers, Post-Harvest Handling and Farmers Institutional Development.
7. Skilling youths under vocational training in Agri-business through technical vocational Education (TVET). A total of 33 youth (19 males and 14 females) were enrolled in Amelo vocational technical institute in Adjumani District as follows where; 11 youths were enrolled for horticulture (4 males and 7 females), 6 youths were enrolled for crops husbandry (2 males and 4 females), 16 youths were enrolled for animals husbandry (13 males and 3 females)
Achievements under Energy Infrastructure
1. Installation of 5 solar mini grids by GIZ-Germany in Paloga, Lokung, Palabek Ogili,P adibe East and Padibe West supplying a total of 26 villages with solar powered electricity for both domestic and commercial purpose.
2. Installation of solar panels in Lokung Sub County headquarter. Enhancing local revenue collection and mobilization;
Achievement under Good Governance
1. 1,600 properties inspected and valuation done by Local Government Finance Commission (LGFC) and DLG.
2. 733 businesses registered under Integrated Revenue Administration System (IRAS) and assessment issued worth UGX 165,604,800 and total collection made as of December 2022 was UGX 136,464,500.
3. 53 acres of land for Palabek Kal Sub County and 3.2 acres of land for Padibe East Sub Counties were surveyed and titled.