The Education & Sports Sector focuses on improving access to, equity, relevancy, quality and efficiency in delivery of education services through construction of teachers’ houses and classrooms, provision of school furniture and water tanks to schools, enhancement of Universal Primary Education, Universal Secondary School Program and revitalizing inspection in all schools to improve academic performance of selected schools, recruitment, deployment and retention of teachers. The department is headed by the District Education Officer - Mr. Langoya Barnabas. Other staff include: Senior Inspector of Schools - Mr. Joro Washington Ben and District Sports Officer - Mr. Oweka George.
Education Department is composed of three sections namely; Administration, Inspectorate and Sports sections. Administration is charged with overall coordination and management of all activities in the Education Department. Inspectorate is charged with quality control of curricula and co-curricular activities (games, sports, music, dance and drama) and Special Needs Education
At institutional level, education is subdivided into Pre-primary, primary, post primary, tertiary and Vocational Learning Centers that includes the non- formal educational centers. The Department is mandated to oversee the implementation of all educational programs in the district.
At the District level, there are two (2) key positions out of seven (7) for the structure for the department that are filled giving a staffing level of 28.5%. This staffing gap seriously affects the Department to operate effectively. Three out of five functional Centre Coordinating Tutors (CCTs) attached to Kitgum Core PTC, in Gem CC, Latolim CC and Padibe CC offer support to the implementation of the activities in the areas of capacity building, monitoring and supervision of the curriculum. A total of 10 competent retired teachers are used as Associate Assessors to support in monitoring and supervision of the curriculum.