Political and Administrative Structure

Political Setup

Lamwo District has three Members of Parliament elected in 2021 namely, Hon. Acora Nancy Odonga, the Woman Member of Parliament, Hon. Hillary Onek Obaloker for Palabek Constituency and Hon. Dr. Okullu Jalon Anthony Abuka for Lamwo Constituency. The Central Government is represented by Mr. Ocheng Geoffrey Osborn, the Resident District Commissioner and the District Internal Security Officer is Mr. Emuge Benjamin. The District Police Commander is ASP Kacumu Robert and the OC Prisons is ASP Ocaya Francis.

The District Council is headed by the District Chairperson, Hon. Oyet Sisto Ocen and nominated and yet to be approved District Vice Chairperson, Hon. Odongmadiki David. The other members of Executive Committee are:

  1. Hon. Odur Peace            -        Secretary for Finance, Planning & Administration
  2. Hon. Abalo Doris            -        Secretary for Production, Marketing & Works and Technical Services
  3. Hon. Obale Robinson     -        Secretary for Health, Education and Community Based Services. 

The total Council membership is 40 with the District Speaker being Hon. Ochola James Passi Ogiki deputized by Hon. Ocen James. The Council has three Standing Committees.

Lamwo District has 15 rural Sub Counties and 04 Town Councils comprising its Lower Local Governments:

Lamwo District comprises of the following Local Governments and Administrative units.


Sub Counties

Town Councils





 3 Town Councils - Lamwo, Padibe and Madi Opei





 1 Town Council - Palabek Kal









The Policy Making Organ
 Lamwo District Council the supreme organ, headed by the District Chairperson, is supported by an Executive committee of 4 members and 3 policy/sectoral Committees. They deliberate policy matters and make recommendations to the full Council of 32 Councilors.

The Sectoral Committees include:

  • Finance, Planning and Administration.
  • Production, Marketing & Works and Technical Services.
  • Health, Education and Community Based Services.

Statutory Bodies There are also statutory bodies, which are mandated by law to carry out specific roles and responsibilities to ensure effective and efficient service delivery. These include:

  • District Contracts Committee
  • District Public Accounts Committee
  • District Service Commission
  • District Land Board

Office of the Resident District Commissioner
It represents the President in the District and ensures that both national and local priorities are given due consideration and are implemented in an accountable manner.

Lower Local Governments
The Town Council, Sub counties, Parishes/Wards and villages/Cells have councils and executive committees, which coordinate the various functions.